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i decided to try to paint my cousin and his wife – i hope they like it! this was my first real shot at oil but hopefully won’t be my last. i’d only ever painted with acrylics and that was some time ago. once my current projects are done i think a rotation between the stuff i usually do and oil will be healthy for me. the drying time is so long that unless i have eight paintings on the go i won’t be so busy, ha ha. feel free to let me know how bad this is. oil on canvas, 14 x 18″

elliott smith
it seems i relate a lot of things to music. IF’s topic is tango but i kept thinking of waltz #2 – one of my favourite songs. i can’t really think of many songs that actually employ a waltz tempo these days. either way he seemed to dance a fine line between many elements over his life time but his talent was pretty undeniable. i’m not the best of guitar players but his ability was pretty crazy – try playing angeles. elliott’s music could probably be described as sombre in general but i suppose that depends on how you’re looking at it. if you haven’t heard of him, you probably heard his stuff if you checked out good will hunting. anyway, i say his stuff is worth the listen. while you’re at it, go listen to between the bars and pitseleh. go. elliott smith in moleskine, 8×10″


apparently it was too easy to mix santi white’s old moniker, santogold, with some other dude’s oh so famous pseudonym of santo gold. an artist with probably one of last year’s best albums vs. some jeweler / filmmaker (infomercials!) that no one has heard of? uh huh. whatever her reasons, white decided to change her stage name to santigold. when i got into her stuff last year, her style reminded me of m.i.a. and lo and behold they toured together. that would’ve been a pretty dope bill. anyway, her album is ace and most probably has something for everyone. photo from flickr, i believe. felt tip pen in moleskine, 9″ x 10″.


i’ve grown quite accustomed to drawing with ballpoint and on this particular day i forgot the one i favoured at the time. i wasn’t really feeling the drawings that day but it’s probably good to use more of the shitload of marking sticks i seem to have amassed. i even went back to graphite and charcoal but i’m too lazy to scan those at the moment. also, they’re not very good, ha ha.

mister misery

i hadn’t posted anything in colour in a while so here’s something i suppose, albeit still monochromatic. soon to change, hopefully! it seems like he had a lot of problems but he was a hell of a guitarist and songwriter regardless of his general happiness. it’s interesting that he had enough material that a couple of posthumous albums have been released…and still might be? i’ll definitely pick them up if they do. elliott smith in moleskine.



fighting fire

13.06.2008: found this image on flickr by arctic lamb.